0-Burnt bones

I must ask for assistance, burnt bones facinate me. why? because why would they be there, when there is nothing they are useful for, they are 4.5 exp to bury just like normal bones so why would they be so perilous to get? I have a theory that came to me in the market one day, I had some in my inventory which i had narrowly escaped the wild with. I saw a person summon a shade and it hit me like a brick wall. If you bury enough burnt bones, do they summon shades more often that zombies? this is the only explaination I have for their rareness and the lengths needed to get them. However I am not the strongest of players and keep getting pked trying to get this invaluable information, I can never get many bones, sometimes only the 3 I regen with. If anyone wishes to help me find out the reason for their rareness then please put me on your buddy list I am “Blakenite” as my name suggests. And if you have many please give them to me because if my theory is correct then that means these seemingly worthless objects are very valuable as shade robes can be sold for 10k each or I’ve seen up to 40k for a full set. any amount of bones at all is much appreciated. Just walk up to me and say burnt bones and I’ll trade with you.

much thanks 8) ,
the Blakenite

Hmm. A very thought-provoking idea. You may just be on to something, blakenite… or burnt bones are just as useful (or useless, depending on how you look at it) as regular bones. Be sure to post the result of your observations. :slight_smile:

thank you very much, I will definately post my findings. I only wish that the pkers were more hospitable and would let me get them. If they were smart they’d realize people would buy the bones for alot and that if what I found was true they could get them by the masses and sell them for loads a dough. And as soon as I find out I’ll be quite content, I won’t be goin for any more after I find out.

i dont no they seem like just another one of those useless items that and if there was somethin special about them i dought some one wouldnt have figured it out by now…but who knows 8O

Probably not. I don’t think shade drops depend on what kind of bone you bury.

i agree, i think that a shade drops the same thing even whether u bury burnt bones or normal bones

A reason those events are called RANDOM events is because it is as it seems. RANDOM :stuck_out_tongue:
Amount of something, time spent on something, even doing something, does not determine the number of random events that occurs.
Random random random random random.

Yeah its just a ramdom event. Like the river troll or Golem or… You know what I mean.

Shades drop there robes but only like the robe top or robe bottom just one robe thing every shade you kill.

ya thats pretty lame they should drop full shade :x

all I was sayin was it might increase the chance or somethin, and plus, random events aren’t truely random are they? if they were, then you’d have people who have one random event happen nearly immediately after the next. Now if anyone has ever heard of this tell me, It seems like I have to do at least 100 things to get any random event, you know how I know? cuz every 4 loads of willow logs I get one random event tends to happen, its sometimes 5, but never seems to be any less than around 4, and 4 times 28 is what everybody? 100 logs, not includin clickin on the tree that is, or usin the bank…

The best way to explain why there are not random events back to back is it like the “pick a number game”. If you only have a number range of 1 -100 then you would have more random events, because the chance of picking the secret number is better. Where as if you have a range of 1 - 1,000,000 your chances of picking the correct number isn’t so great.

So as said before, Random is Random

Dragon dude im really getting annoyed. Sorry this is off topic but that Is Icedearths avatar and he has had it sence he became a member of rsr. You are in the rules it says not allowed to take someones avatar and use it as your own so I myself am asking you politly to change your avatar as that avatar is unique to IcedEarth as mine is uniqe to myself.

 Thank you,
   Gym Leader

This was talked about in another post (and I don’t remember which one), but there was a huge issue because IcedEarth told someone to change his avatar, but the pic that IcedEarth is using is free, nobody is taking it. If it is free art then it doesn’t matter who had it first. Is someone suppose to hunt and peak through out this whole forum to find out if someone else has an avatar like theirs.

It was ruled that because it was a free pic that anybody can use it as their avatar, not just IcedEarth. (This was discussed between IcedEarth and another Mod).

Yah well i really think he doesn’t HAVE TO HAVE THAT ONE

Who may I ask are you? Any conflicts I have had about my avatar have been private except a few things. I have never had public conversations discussing my avatar with a mod especially since those words you were saying have never been said. It is strictly on the basis of respect. You see a mod with a certain avatar, you don’t be a jerk and copy that avatar. There are literally hundreds of avatars on this site you can use and an infinite amount from the web you can use. So why would you have to be a jerk and copy someone else’s.

Nobody cares who is taking whos avatar. And as for burnt bones giving better chances for Shade drops, thats most likely untrue.

I’ll find it and get back to you IcedEarth. It wasn’t a big discussion, but I do remember you asking someone to change their avatar and another mod came on and told you that it was fair game.

First let me say sorry for double posting, and second, it wasn’t a mod it was a person from the newspaper staff. The yellow crown was what I remembered.

But the point is you did talk about it before, not just in private. Actually, you have talked about your avatar quite a bit (and I see you’ve changed it a little). Don’t get all uptight when someone makes a comment about you, especially when it isn’t even negative. Here’s the link if you want to remember what was said.


About that, I don’t see me saying anything else after I said he was copying my avatar. Get your facts straight, I only said he was copying my avatar. Everyone else was going off on ot, not me.