007Even's Buddy Shop

I make all jobs, even custom if the request is possible and not to much stress.


Ok…make me a Sun quan buddy with 8 legs and 9 arms not hat and red skin with a horse on his back with a jetpack strapped to it!

I shall send off from atop red hare!-Lubu

Btw you copyrighted almost everything from runehq just to let you know

umm… i dont make THAT kinds of customs… i make these kinds:

Ha i lead you into that trap… that long sword is from a runehq buddy kit and that karate man ins mine! its exactly the same olny you put eyebrows on themthe wings are on my buddy kit you did not make that crossbow I remember seeing it inthe custom buddy kit with the long swords you are copyrighting everything ive and other players are making!

You know it! You know that I will always be there to see if you copyright ive seen almost every screenshot that people have made over the last 3 months and im looking back the other pages of every help site that has pictures in it just admit that you copyrgihted it!

i want a Ma Chao buddy with stallion fury (unltimate MaChao Rare Weapon)
on a storm runner

umm… no… i made that crossbow! but yeh, its ur karate man… but i got the buddy kit from sumwher else… not RSR or RUNEHQ…

Can you prove it? and yeah i looked thats your crossbow…

Also, looking at that thing with the dragon stuff and the faith stuff, if you made it, then why couldn’t you have made your name in that kind of font?

how do u make sigs?

i wud like to know