1,000 total lvl F2P and 76 fishing

The title says it all. I just got 76 fishing and now I finally have 1000 total level. You can rate my stats if you like, and here are the pics:

76 fishing:

Can now fish sharks (if I was a member)

And 1,000 total level:

heh heh. im guessin ur not a member. thats actually really good for non member 9.7/10

Whoa! 70 range and not a member, your stats own for a non member! 9/10!

Yes your stats rock for ANYONE now you should go members and u could do all the quests easy.
Except Monkey Madness.

10/10, great stats for f2p, keep it up, man!

Not bad, my total is 1351 lol.

Dang, nice stats!
That’s my goal too, 1k total.

I’m only 900 over all. Just 100 more… BTW, I’m combat 76.

Congrats, only 5 lvls till i get there too :smiley:

Holy hell. That’s amazing. Congrats with that 1k total. I’m aiming for it too (and Cibola’s gonna beat me).

Good work, really good work for any person… for a non-member that is amazing 10/10 :wink: keep it up and you will soon reach a total level of 1200 :slight_smile:

you have only 38 QP!

I have 39, so you miss a quest!=P

8/10 u need to become a member so do i lol u obviously own f2p espcially wildy

Argh, you’ve reached my goal…I’ll get it someday, lol

Nice stats you have there i only 55 range F2P lol :frowning:

thats really good for f2p

very kool for a freebie…

ooo…very nice…im still trying to get that…

I’m a member not a F2P! BTW, After a week I am gonna post how much my stats changed.

thats great for non members!! 10\10