1-75 woodcutting guide rate plz

Hello all of you woodcutters this guid should get you from 1-75 woodcutting in no time if you just have patience and folow it. Please rate out of 10 i put lots of time in this.

Lets start

1-15 woodcutting

Ok so your a member and you have woodcutting not very good no offense but hey if you folow this guid you should have 75 woodcutting and be rich by cutting magics which is good !!
I request banking all your logs cause then you can also get high fleetching!

Were to cut…

At 1-15 woodcutting P2P heres the best bet to cut even though theres so many places

15-30 woodcutting

Ok so now your getting kinda better but your still not really good. Now for the best xp you have to cut oaks. This should only take about 25 minutes. I would cut oaks at the same place.

30-45 woodcutting

Yay you can now cut willows which will be your best xp for a very long time. For this the best place to cut them that isnt that crowded would be right about here

45-60 woodcutting

Yay you can now cut maples your getting better but i request not cutting them cause mainly they arnt that fast xp. I would continue cutting willows in the same place till 60 woodcutting

60-75 woodcutting

Well yay you can now cut yews. Your pretty good now. Yews are REALLY slow at 60 woodcutting but they get faster. I would start cutting them cause I have patenice and they are good for money fleetching xp too. And also ever full pack you get you get like 5k xp. I cut them at 60 woodcutting most people I know do too. I would cut these right about here to 75 woodcutting and if you fleetched all your willows and all that you should be able to fleetch these. Continue cutting willows in the same place if you want very fast xp and slow fleetching xp or not much money. Heres were to cut yews. It isnt crowded close to a bank and has 3 yews which is enough and they arnt far from each other.

75 woodcutting!
Congrads now your an eliete woodcutter you can cut magics! You dont really need any fleetching xp now or woodcutting. All you need to do is cut these magic trees and sell the logs for 1k ea. Heres the best place to cut them but beware it does get crowded sometimes.

Well i hope this guid helped some people :smiley:

cool looks like that could help people with woodcutting :smiley:

Ummm its a little bit of a simple guide, and theres lots of spelling errors. Other then that not a bad guide. Also once you get 60 wc i would suggest cutting maples till about 70 then cut yews.

pretty good guide but i agree with bmac about cutting maples til 70

Thanks im bad at spelling i have always been bad at it

kool thats pretty good, u must b new at making guides.
here r some issues:

  1. i think u should recrop it, go 2 ‘paint’ and u should b able 2 do that
  2. In my personal opinon, Leteya is the best place 2 cut magics, anybody other than a pure that can cut mages probally have done the quest

with that in mind ill give it a 6/10

Gotta love how your viewing/posting this on fagex at the same time.
1/10 as you didnt show pics of the places ( u just drew circles on the map), you had a bad cropping job, and because no body cuts willows at 30 wc… maybe they woudl start at 41-50

lots of people cut willows at 30 woodcutting have a fun time cutting oaks till 50 woodcutting wtf?

It’s proven to be faster xp cutting oaks. And not to 50, i suggest u start cutting willows at 41 where you can wield a rune axe. Your grammar is worse then mine and mines pretty bad =.

Your right i suck at grammer, iv never been good at it, im way better at math or social studied or something

You also missed out maples. From 65-75 maybe you should mention an alternate way of getting xp.

Yews is way better, you get cash and it isnt faster xp but it seems like it and you dont have to bank all the time. Like seriously you get like 5k xp per trip and yet lots of cash and its way more fun.

What The Hell Are You Doing On Fagex.net? You Autoer!

Just cause im a member on fagex dosnt mean im an autoer theres cool people there so im really active there and it was an accident that it showed i am a member there

Learn to crop. and by the way, cutting willows behind seers bank isnt the only good place, theres also right off of catherby, and in draynor.

i dont like this guide because its not very detailed and we have one already -.-

I only need to say one place cause when your cutting you dont cut at 2 places at the same time right?

No, but when one place is crowded they need more options.

Switch worlds thats what you do.

It’s a nice guide if it’s your first, but there are some changes that would be good. 6/10

Yes its my first and yay someone likes it