1 billion gp

What would you do if you had a billion gp?

spend it lol

i would buy all the holiday drop items and zammy, sara, and guthix armor and all the trimmed and gold armor too! i would buy lots of runes too

i would buy all armor trimmed and gold rimmed all holiday drops all items…everything on the game i would buy!!!1 it would be so ausome!!!

I would buy dragon armor, and get phats. and also a santa hat

lol i would spend it on LOTS of stuff
like santa hats, masks, etc.

i’m gonna have 2 start saving up i guess :lol:

I would buy full sara and a white p-hat.

full sara may i ask wat that is??? is it a member thingy? :?

Full sara is full saradomin armor. IF i had a bil i woild do what idied did, then buy all the p hats, a mask set, santa, and maybe some other drops like easter eggs or pumkins… I would buy all the god armor, all the (g) and (t), and then buy full gilded. And dont forget the dragon sq, baxe, chain, and med!

Full GOd Armor , I would buy everythign on Runescape , Bwahahahaha :twisted:

where can u get sara armor plz??? or is it for memebrs only? 8)

Sara armor you get from treasure trails on members only, but non-members can still wear it. It is very expensive though, i think its 3 mil for full sara? I might be wrong.

id buy d sq and d chain (already ahve med) all phats ,full gilded, and i dunno, but by the way u cant get that much on runescape, it wont let u get more than a certain amount

I believe sara is 4.8 now? Correct me if I’m wrong.

I would only buy the best things possible in Runescape. I don’t see the point of buying all the other less-good things if u have that much money :twisted:

I would buy full Zamorak, Guthix, and Saradomin armour. Then I would buy a red, green, white, and blue phat. I would buy 5k laws, 5k death, and 5k of all the other runes except blood and soul

hmmmm…I would buy a red p hat…full zammy…all dragon stuff (chain, med, square) and then like 20k of every rune…

I guess you’ve never heard of Duke_Freedom

Duke Freedom doesn’t have a large amount of CASH he has a large amount of rare items worth alot of CASH.