1 of my best pk's

dis guy had rune large and rune scimmy but i didnt get them

well done man keep up the god pk :twisted: work

the only thing good in that kill is the addy

ty ppl.

just out of interest, what herb was that?

~ ewok

nice job :o

what level was he? and what level r u?

nice pk. U got a lot of stuff… i hope u have more successful pks.

How much gold was there… it said coins??? please respond :oops:

congrats on your pk hope you get more succesfull pk’s :slight_smile:

de mat wher di you get your avvy i tried 10 dif slipknot pics and it wouldnt show any of them…can u like pm it to me or sumthin?

good job

was he skulled?

im lvl 67 he was skulled he was lvl 74(he had a rune scimmy and i had my drag dagger) the money was 1k and the herb was a unid i think i answerd every1s question.

nice dat killl is sweet … u hardly see low lvs own hi ones … and dat guy was dumb enuff to wear addy in wildy lol

Nice kill, you should try useing mozilla fire fox instead of explorer, much faster.

nice kill i killed a lvl 78 once he had nothing on but a ammy of glory ring of wealth dragon hally and 300k and one with 19mil i was lvl 60 on both

Well no wonder… =.=

Good job for a pk keep it up and one one day u might just be as good as blink :-p

my best pk is full addy and a rune scimmy they always run or tele :frowning:

Yeah ppl to tele alot these days…

Nice PK! I hope you have more succesful Pks!