10 K 3ss. in 4n h0ur?!?

10 K 3ss. in 4n h0ur?!? I h34rd s0m30n3 s4y h3 c0uld d0 it? :?

In English?

And no, it would be difficult/impossible to mine and bank 10k ess in an hour.

he sed you can get 10k of ess in four hours he doesn;t think you can do it, well i’ll tell u this. it was me who sed that and you can. i have done it by simply going 2 the mage shop in varrock getting it then going north about 20secs and banking it, it is simple and easy

Actually, he said you could get 10k in one hour. In leet, 4 turns into an “a.” I’ll translate it for those who do not know leet: 10k ess. An hour? I heard someone say he could do it.

i can easily get 10k ess in an hour, if i buy it

lol, nice. You could too.

what do you mean if i could to? that is what i said…i said “I” could

It’s much better buying it, its so frustrating running back and fore to that stupid place

Ya it is and you don’t even get much mining exp.

10k ess in 1 hour by mining it yourself? nope no can do, i get maybe 3k per hour (not sure how accurate tho, cuz i only mined 1.3k ess and i didnt really time it properly)
from the place closest to the bank, the mage guild

H0w much d03s run3 3ss c0st?

sorrry for going off topic who makes all the cartoons in ppls sigs like thor 39s over there

id like 1 too

if nebody can make 1 that is

Don’t go off topic. If you have a question about someone’s sig, then pm then.

rune ess varies in price from 25-40gp ea
and those ‘cartoons’ r pixel sigs, ppl make them if u ask and pay (some may do for free, but they’re probably not as good)

Damn, do you guys not speak english? I cant understand one word you guys said. Not that I want to.

its not that hard to understand what they say i mean good god if u dont wanna see what they type then get out of here