10 second rule trading

I think after you trade someone you should not be able to log out for 10 seconds to prevent scamming and logging out. That way people can get their name.

wouldn’t work…
also you could get a screen shot!

Why wouldnt it work?

I think it might work. Can’t really think of any problems with it at the moment.

its a good idea. IT would be sort of annoying, but yes, it would be good overall.

I think the reason they dont do it is because its only 1 more annoyance for the players and it doesnt really help all that much

Yeah, it would be pretty annoying especially if the scammer had a hard name to remember and you were trading in Varrock since there’s so many friggin people… But nice idea overall…

Not to mention that the player names are in the corners of thetrade box

You shouldn’t be scammed if you pay attention to what your trading. But if you want to be safe, take down their name before trading.

I know but you know how sometimes people’s names have tons of numbers.

ive gotten scamed for 1k steel bars i wuz selling them 300 ea and this guy put up 300k and then when i accepted we logged out and i had only 30k :cry: :cry: :cry:

i always freeze public chat just to ensure safe trade, or take a screenshot.(only with big items)

that would annoy me