100 Combat! Yay!!

i finally got it after training for a long time heres the link to my progress trying to get to this lvl.

im the one in the skirt and those are two of my best friends there to see me get my lvl :smiley:

That is one heck of an accomplishment right there!!! CONGRATS!

nicely done thats so cool

Why do you block out your other stats? I’m sure they are very impressive with 1300+ total

evil ebay people they take the pic of ur stats and sell them on ebay :x

If they really wanted them, couldnt they just go to high scores?

no people wont belive the person if they took the pic from the high scores. if they see the stats where only the owner of the char can see the stats people buying the char would belive it.

nice combat! lol

I guess it kinda makes sense, but why not just hand write out the stats, make it look a bit more legit. I guess this is off topic…

yes and that would require reasearch also i bet he doesn’t want people begging him for things!

Well if shes 100 combat people will beg, and from the picture she has a skirt on :wink:

Im glad you reached your goal!Congrats on 100! Your now in the triple digits lolz.

Ty every one for the congratulations :smiley:

hehe nice :wink: i want 100 combat :frowning: bt if i train it wont be long till i get it, im 91 combat atm.

Omg! Congrats!!!

shows how bad i am :cry: lvl 58 and i ain’t getting nowhere

congrats…i want that lvl too:D

wow nice almost same combat as me, lol just kidding, wish i was 99

Thats absolutely amazing! 8O I can only dream of the day i hit 100 combat! :cry:

awesome! this is very damn good! congrats and keep it up till 126 :smiley: