~ 100 Combat ~

Wow congrats

that is a huge level

Congrats again

Ill be joining you in 8 combat levels

Congratz! I’m only 7 levels ahead of ya now :frowning:

only 7…?

Yeah you’re catching up on me :tongue:

gratz on 3 digit cmbt :smiley:

Congratulations on the 100 combat. 3 Digit Combat is the best.

congrats!!!, u got a goal for ur combat lvl?

very nice shud of got 1400 total first…

I’m currently working on 80 defense/range, 30 farming, 50 agility, 45 herblore

nice combat and total you almost got 1400

Congrats Sou1ess, hope you can get higher lvls soon in your RS life.

Congrats, you told me on rs how determined you were to get 100 combat.
You’ve earned it =)

:smiley: Yup, it was my biggest goal and its finally complete. I’m so happy.

thats kewl. congrats…

Nice one, noobs. :).

Cool, but whats not cool is red hides at 78 range…

Nice one! 100 combat is a good aichevement.
Welll done!!!

Congratulations. :smiley:

Wow, congratz, exactly 100, kool!