100 combat

Thank you for all the support I’ve received, I’ve finally achieved 100 combat :slight_smile: ! My next immediate goal is 91 runecrafting; I’m going back to runecrafting now that I’ve achieved 100 combat :slight_smile:

Congratz! Still have 7 more combat levels to reach mine :slight_smile:

EDIT:I’m in the pic :eek:

so the new mini game is good exp

gratz, i had 100 cb b4 you :wink:

I winz! :slight_smile:

now im unbanned and back to serious ass kicking…

Congrats, and good luck with runecrafting. Glad you took a little break and managed to level up towards 100 combat. :smiley:

thats kewl… nice prayer aswell…

work on getting to lvl 111

ooo gratz. yay for three digit cmb.

what is this minigame everyone is talking about?

anyways, Gratzeroni macaroni pizzaroni superoni!!!

impressive very nice


Wow, nice stats. Every thought about selling the account on eBay?

Just kidding about the eBay thingy.

Congratz. Only one more combat level for meh till im in the 3-digit-club. =)

LOL only 200 levels on me -.- nice total.

thats a damn fine combat level you got there good luck on the 91 runecraft

Thanks a lot for the comments/congratulations :slight_smile: !

Hell Raiser: Read about the new minigame from the link on the front page of www.runescape.com :slight_smile:

Grats! Im in it :smiley:

Congratulations on the new combat level Simba. Good luck on your runecrafting. :slight_smile:

Wow, huge gratz on 100 combat simba, that’s one of my goals aswell :slight_smile:

wohooo he got 100 cmb!! only 6 lvls for me!!! :slight_smile: grats and good luck on rcing

gratz… fufill my dream and get 91 rcing…