100k for a decent slipknot sig

want i want:
corey (my avvy) in the sig,
cool bg, boarder, colors: you choose, reg sig size, good quality

heres what i also want in the sig

ill do it. i got an idea for it.

Ill do it. make sure u wait for me!

Ehh… it didnt come out how i wanted it to. o well i tried.


heres a better one lol


i like that one, could u add the fans to that one? oo and when it moves, make sure it doesnt mess up the bg.

(we’ll have to wait for guns n’ roses too)

do u mind if its done later today or tomorrow?

nope rather it’d be today

what time tomorrow?

Quick work, hope you like it…

not bad, but it would be nice if it had more detail and more qaulity

What sort of details do you recommend, because I am kind of designing it blindly.

heres my entry

i like that one! but we have to wait for gunz

fine then gosh…lol jk hurry gunz!

Ill have a go…

EDIT: all done here ya go

You wanted one with a little more detail, so made this one.

i could give it ago


How do you like some hardcore grunge Slipknot?

lol you can hardly see slipknot

broken link

i like this one aswell

looks like i might pay 200k here… for 2 sigs

Lol how about mine…