101 combat lvl 100's are now green

yay now i can see lvl 100’s as green well not solid green yet but i will get there :wink:

YAY! you got your level…

was i on when you got it?

Very nice!
ok…thats enough…

wish i was that i am only 91

lol ur ONLY 91 lol thats d*mn good i was lvl 72 before i got hacked and i couldnt answer my recove questions.

you where on :wink:

lol,why do you make the other stats white?

that is awesome! nice work!

he did to show u his malee stats

Man… That’s crazy… The day that I’ll ever see that for myself on my character is when RS closes down and the world ends… (AKA pretty much, that will never happen for me…) But nice though… Congrats…

nice work…

his others stats are white so people dont ask him to do things for them…

Wow, that inspires me to train more! But since I’m f2p, there aren’t many good places to train, so usually I get bored of training and do something else.