109 combat and 89 attack

:smiley: time to get 110 combat

Meh, no big deal. Lol jk, great work there, you got some pwnage stats :stuck_out_tongue:

~ ewok

Congrats Dude!

nice, but i think that you should train defence too

And I thought it took a long time to get to 90 combat!!! You’ll probably be level 115+ when I get to level 100! Congratz on those levels!

8O he hehe he faints

defense takes too long to train i like high attack and strength so i can hit high damage and accurate

Nice one i guess 99 rangde blew out the window lol :lol:

lol what a noob!!! lol jk blink great job, you rock!!!

wow congratz but y wont u show ur other skills?
is it bcause ur too ahamed to show them? jk lol

hot DOG!

nah i train little by little needed a break from range

on the picture u are attck ice warriors what lvl did you start training on them :stuck_out_tongue:

good work btw :!: :!: :!:

sweet atk strenth def and hits dontblink2 and congrats on lvl 109 i dont think ill get there till a while im barly lvl 87 8O

why play the game dosent get pointless im mean there nothong to do really get boraing when your high

why are you playing then if its pointless for a high lvl to play why should low lvls play

hey man it dont get boring when u get that lvl thats the lvl were u try to get rich :!: