1100 total lvl [f2p]

Finally got one of my long term goals of 1100 f2p total lvl:

Heres some of the goals/lvls along the way

80 firemaking:

20 mill xp:

100 combat:

And so you can compare with 1k total:

Bank pic will be in when i organize it properly

ncie stats man. Your really really really good lol. Keep it up :slight_smile:

Good job, and from what I see, your bank picture should be nice ;). Nice stats and you’re F2P, right?


Wow. Someday you will get members and you will have a truly amazing skill total.

Wow you have really nice f2p stats, they are 1337.

Nice F2P Stats!

wow nice f2p stats you would own right now in p2p

congrats…im only like 180 lvls behind =P, u’ll see i’ll catch u someday

Gratz on 1,100, cyclops! :). I was so happy to be there when you got 1,000 overall. :D. Keep it up and aim for 1,200 or 1,337 now or whatever. Good luck, my friend. ;).

nice stats!!! awesome for f2p there like wicked…

now that is truely amzing

no one dsevrese to be a p2p more than u

1 word: GENUIS i mean truely amazing anyways keep up the good work

Congratulations! Get Runecrafting up a bit, and you’ll get some more pretty easy levels!

Nice one Cyclops gl on the 1337

Whoa…i thought mine were good as im nearly 1k f2p

Mate, that’s awesome.

[i] Cyclops… F2P pwnage ]/i]

(Please sig that I’m desperate :frowning: )!

Wow ur like best f2p in rs!

Omfg dude… I realized I remember when you were combat 70 LOL!

congrats :wink: on your very long goal :slight_smile: