112 damage

got hit by rocks and they did this ;(

was that at the cws party



she used saradomin brew…duh, nice screenie tho lol u shud put that in yer sig

Um…That was me that hit that 112 :stuck_out_tongue: I had to leave the c-wars party with 7 mins left in the game for dinner than hockey. Thats pretty cool. Kill teh rockz0rz!

wow that sucks, didnt know they can do so much damage

well if u get hit by the rock u lose alot lol

OMG did that really happened… SYKE i know thats fake

dang thats alot of damage… with the rocks u lose ur hp +1

Dang! Thats alot holy lol!


wasent fake, sara brew…

wow! sweet 112 i wish i could hit that much =[P

For people who dont know…hit by rocks grants you a 1-Hit KO. plus a couple, though I dont know how a 112 happened… Nice hit? lol.

Well ok…

Whats a sara brew?

OMFG! What a hit!

ouch, that gotta hury 112 damage

what is sara brew? and i think its a fake cuz you can only have 112 hp lol…unless this “sara brew” raises ur hp…