W00t! 14 Today:yes:

C’mon every1 say happy b-day :stuck_out_tongue:

and if ur curious up to now i’ve got about £110 and 2 cd’s, and im waiting for presents from bout 2 people

happy b day dude gratz! u want a sig gift?

Oo yes plz, I luv me sigs <3

That’s two people turning 14 today =).

Happy Birtday Tom.

Thx Nick :p.

Happy Birthday! :slight_smile:

Happy B-Day Tom. Everyone seems to be turning 14. I’m still 12 :*(.

what type of game do you like? (this os for the sig)

Happy birthday! Get good presents. :slight_smile:

Happy b-day!!! Ages till mine :frowning:

happy birthday to you:D
I hope you’l be able to celebrate your next birthday here to ( i mean that i hope you’l stay here for a while:))

happy b day dude, even though i dont know ya!

All in good time maria :slight_smile:

Anything will do.

Happy Birthday <- Ha! I spelled it out

Eldarian turned 14 today too. I’m still older than you guys. =D I hope you get a lot of good presents, that’s what makes birthdays fun.