17 pks on my range/mage pure

These are all from different times but mostly they’re all range.

At this time I am 58 range, 55 mage, and 51 hp.

Is this you 6th pure? IOL
Nice kills for your lvls.

those are some nice killz

u got skillz that killz

ooo not bad kills and nice magic lvl shame no ruen scimmie kills yet :frowning:

nice kills man!.

Nice kills, I dont like the one you pjed though.

Please point out which one that is. I don’t remember pjing anybody…

Pretty nice kills. Addy arrows are always nice to get as a ranger.

nice pks man keep them coming

theyre great kills for low lvl wildy

gj :slight_smile: nice pure

p10x add my pure…“blind the pk” we can team some time k? well anywho nice kills m8 =]

nice :wink:
u killed n0 0 0 0
i hate him
if u want add my pure he’s lv 42
“s0n of d0om”
happy pking