1hitpkeraf back and better than ever

These were my last 3 pks before i got hacked that i never got a chance to post.
Now, fishforfood donated 1k lobbies to me so i could begin to pk again, and i really need a lot of food donations, so that was awesome — thanks. Then i started to pk on those 1k lobs near non-stop. Now, i have used all but around 15 of those lobs up and this is the result.

^^I fought this guy for a while and didnt get kill somehow. When the pile appeared i was the only one who knew it was going to though, so i managed to get both his 2h and his skim.

^^This guy was just standing in wild when i attacked him. For some reason he stayed in wild after fighting another guy with low health and no food. He tried to run but i got to him before he could leave wild. I waited for the pile and grabbed the only good thing in there.

Here is the result. (no skims lost, 2 str ammys lost, a few lobs and str pots lost)

^^ al from 1k lobswhich is around a fair profit. When i am able to get more food i will pk again for sure but most of this probly has to go to merchanting for now. Also a friend easypk_01 still owes me a rune scimitar from when we pked rune skim and 2h together. He gave me power ammy and 15k cash (hence the 25k cash) and said he will pk me a skim and give to me.
~hope you enjoyed~

Nice. G’luck on getting more pks bro =P

gratz =], pretty nice kills there, i’ll go pking with u sometime on my pure…he’s lvl 50

Nice kills. :slight_smile: Keep up the oarsome job.

Nice keep it up:cool:

my strengh pure has pked 50 minds and iron scimmys and mage ammy and earth staff he lvl 15

^^^^^^^^^^^^ thanks
and king4evans thats ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice i guess

dang nice kills ow much cahs u made up from getin hacked

Thats a really nice sum of pk’s. I’m sure you’ll get back on track. =)
Keep this ownage, and you’ll recover for sure :slight_smile:

not bad…i could do better with my pures though =p

nice kills and wish you luck on your future kills

nice pks man thats alot of lobs ya got in all those pics

Hey those are some awesome kills! My pure (as seen below) has only gotten a 32k pk at the best, I’m currently training it to 50 range then I’m gona go pking. It will be around level 47. What I don’t know though is how to pk. Do you clan and stay in high level wildy? Do you solo pk in non-multicombat wilderness? What do you do to get your kills? Anyways keep up the good work.

Tobite i usually go to world 1,3,or 4 edge and solo pk in non multi combat wilderness in very low levels with around lvl 15 wild at castle being the furthest i go. I usually stay around lvl 1-5 though.

Don’t all the mage pures in edgeville kill you? How do you find enogh people north of edgeville in level 1-5 to kill, whenever I’m there, there normally arn’t many people? Ohh yea and also, how do you kill them? Do you melee them or bind them with magic then fight them? How do you kill them?

-lol tobite there are people there all over in world 1,3,4, and sometimes 5
-i massacre mages so i dont know why mages would be a problem for me (rangers are the hardest also i try lesss since the loot is worse)
-i kill them by strait up melee, i use skim and sometimes but rarely a skim and 2h combo. This means i have 33/31 pray full hp and a str pot and 27 lobs. Then i pot up pray up and attack and i get kills by usually koing some1 with up to 18-19 with a scimitar and 23 with a 2h.

Grats, nice seeing you came back to pking.

What is your strength and attack level? What armor do you wear in the wilderness? Also, whenever I attacked people (rune scimmy, stength ammy, increase strength by 15%, strength pot, 40 attack, 31 prayer, 52 strength, 1 range, 1 magic), they always just ran and I hit 0’s. How do you keep them from running/getting away before you kill them? Especially in such low level willderness.

Nice pks…

WOOT–My main in pic 1:)

ty destroyer_ha
ty dragon and lol
and tobite
i am 40 attack and 69 almost 70 strength and 31 pray (54 combat)
you need to go to world 1,3,4, or 5 to get people in low level who want to fight too. With 40 attack you cant hit thru armor well so you want to mainly fight only other pures or people with no armor on. I kill them because they want to fight but since i can hit 18-19 with skims i can ko a bunch of them before they even run out of food so they have no reason to run out of wild. You will need to get your strength up a lot though before you will be able to ko people.