1hitpkeraf- more pking +some

me and this guy dmed for keeps and i won by 5 hp but he protected his skim
but we became friends after the fight and he decided to give me the skim because i won fair and square

^^^^^^^^^^^than i got 70 str and 60 hp and 55 combat

then after i lost a skim and a few str ammies my luck turned for the best and in about 5 minutes of pking at castle i got this

^^^^^i got everythign there but the lobs and also 50 addy arrows in addition

^^^^^^^ killed that guy twice (only 1 pic)
same loot both times

then i recieved a gift from dragoon_gal - dragoon_man8 which is helping me to pk further

^ty alot

Nice peekais.

yay i got a shout out cough

^^^^^ yeah thanks a lot!!! i g2g to bed now but ty (oh yeah its 1:39 am here) lol those food donations are what have kept me able to pk so far

what about my scimitar donation?(actually u wanted to trade for it)

Nice pks also if you need food add leeds o5 in rs i’m not goin on much and i got a lot of lobbies swordies tuna i don’t need.

You should only be 51 cb :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^^^yeah dark beast i traded for it but still thanks
and drag kill ty i will
and slayer master i should be 55 combat not 51

Well i’m on now mage.

hey pk mager af nice pure u have, add my hybrid P 0 I 5 0 N (all o’s are zeros)and we can pk together

nice job on kills