1m Exact!

Got it when training on Jellies. Its for hp.

Lol nice- I never get anything on 100000 or 150000 it always goes over

:stuck_out_tongue: It happens usually when you least expect it to lol.

nice thats pretty weird lmao, nice stats!

wow lucky so its oing good with jelly trips?

Lol nice that you took a screenshot of it.

Wewt, nice work.
Congrats :slight_smile:
sickmate 8)

Nice. So you know, its better to wear dragonhide armor at jellies. They wont hit you as much.

I’m going to have 1.15M by 4/27/2006.

Try to stay on-topic.

Nice find, I can never get that, its always over. Whats your combat level by the way? Im guessing 88-89?

Lol, nice work :smiley:

nice job dude i dont even i have that much exp total…YET!

Nice slayer.

Also, LOL, you have a higher total level than me but i have more than twice the exp. Another problem with Jagexs highscore system.

Wierd, nice stats by the way.

lol nice i got it be4 wiv cooking i was like ooo

where are they located at and congrats on the exp!!! and nice stats!!!

:smiley: Slayer cave thing, Im lvl 89, I cant get Red Dhide body yet since I spent 50k on ROW (ring of wealth) and Thanks guys :D.

whoa whoa whoa… I am so confused, what do u mean its for hp? I thought u couldnt train hp alone? so ur saying training against jelly lvls hp? but i thought u couldn’t train hp specifically!!! im confused… please answer me.