1st border sig/entry foe dama v 2.0 sig battle/long time since sig in gimp

[li]1st border sig(yes…even though i’ve been here for almost as long as jolio:eek:…it’s just cuz i try not to be stereotype…stereo type annoys me…but i learned…that borders add appeal…and they’re not really stereo type…so i made my first border sig):D[/li][li]My entry for dama sig battle(dama and demon x99 vs. netor344 and ksouth:D)[/li][li]long time since sig in gimp(photoshop trial ran out:frown:[/ul]bdw…the bottom text says ksouth-exceed everything[/li]

It is not Dama It’s Dama V2.0. The real dama is better than me.
Now on topic. Its pretty good use more brushing not just pixel stretches.

lol…i brushed that using 3 layers:eek:…i will tell you but i have enough time…


[li]render is faded brushed into background[/li][li]all text is faded brushed into background[/ul][ol][/li][li]i used the fill tool with the green on the guys uniform for the first background layer[/li][li]i used filter>render>cluds>solid noise…tampred wit some defaults and got my second background layer[/li][li]set laye occupacity to 80[/li][li]used filter>render>nature>flame…tampered wit some defaults got 3rd background layer[/li][*]set layer occupacity to 80[/ol]that’s not pixel stretch…besides…i dont like that tut and way:D