1st not too shabby pk in a while!

I was walking around the greaters and I saw two level 64s one in full iron and one in almost full addy. The 64 in full iron logged, and I attacked the other 64. Killed him in 3 hits, =). Here’s the pile pic. There was also addy plate, legs, and med farther down in pile. Earth runes=700 Air=200, Chaos=30.

good job with your kill man. and nice spoils also

Ty, I just got another kill too, =). Give me a few mins to post it.
EDIT: Here’s the next pk, a level 60, =D.

whats the mafia mage dude doing with a rune axe in the wild? pretty dumb person and nice pks

He has a scimmy, but he protected, =(.

good 1 :smiley:
keep up the good work

how did u kill a lvl 64 in 3 hits, you had to do at least 20’s every time, wut lvl are u?

He was injured already, and I hit 2 15s and a 16, =)!

nice pks dude! wish i got some like those

Thanks! Just keep at it and you’ll get some eventually!

nice pks:D!..what noob would bring rune axe in to wildy lol

Thanks, he protected his scimmy, =(!

nice dude lol ownage?

Thank you!

nice kills jag!

Most props he brang a rune axe in wild because he might of pked it on the way to were ever he was going…but Anyway Nice kills! :smiley:

Ehh…idk, he logged in at the greaters, didn’t look like he was going back to bank. Thanks guys.

Nice kills!