1st person RS

Its ok but I’ll have a better one later

Rate please

Well…no offense but i think you could do better. Maybe a little more time on what the hands look like and have them closer together. But i give it a 7/10 for originality

dude that aint origanal lots of people hav donre this idea and this isnt that good…5/10

its the first one of them ive seen…so i still stick with my judgement

ill have to rate 4/10, nice try, practice more and you will get better, it looks okay

3/10. The hands are poorly drawn, and it took me a while to figure out what the red thing on the left was.

nice try but u can clearly see your own guy and make the sheild and sword and arms/hands in more detail and more relistic

slip knot the person that is “him” is supposed to be someone else i think

no comment…4/10