1st person view with gun equipped

this looks kind of stupid but i tried lol (using paint) please rate 1 through 10

Pretty Good for paint. 6.5/10

sweet. 8 :smiley:

Cool 8/10

Nice, not bad. The gun is a bit blury, but overall, 7.8/10 :slight_smile:

yea, i had to enlarge the gun so it came out blurry

not bad brother, 7.9/10

5/10 not bad man.

I’ve saw it all too often… 8/10 for using paint.

i give it 8/10 because the gun is blerry

I give it a 7/10 because even with paint you could make it better.

6.9/10 because is has pretty crappy quality

Dude, is that a gun from counterstrike? If so I give it a 3 because I hate CS. If not I still give it a 5, its ok

no, it is not lol

nice 10/10

well thats good becaust CS is such an old queer game

5/10, i wish i had that :slight_smile:

Make the gun not so blury.

lol, i really cant goku, that just happened when i enlarged it

You must be some really huge guy lol. 8O If you are looking down that much to him.