2,250,000 gold for meee.

LOL noice man.

hah lol you think she would have learned

Rofl. Very nice from a level 72 :wink:

^^^cleaned her out pretty good :slight_smile: n0ic3 m0n3y

How do you get the impression she was cleaned?

Hmm, good stakes anyway.

nice i like them

how come it was from the same person every time? did they try to get revenge or somethi g?

nice job…very nice :slight_smile:

You would have thought she learnt to to challenge you after she lost her first 1 Million. She must have thought that she would have beat you the next time and got her money back.

wow why would she come back with another mill after lost 1 mill and 250K :…makes me think…she might just be a friend…but may not be…may just be dumb

o_o the first time I killed her with dds, the second time she turned spec off and I killed her with a whip, then she turned melee off and I killed her with zammy staff. btw, she was cleaned down to 100k. =] My mate won her last 500k after this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that owns. You know, you think she would have stopped and not bet the 1 mil. Oh well her loss your gain.

shut the hell up yo

how u no its a she?

Congratulations, whats your combat level?

elizabeth…hmm i have never seen a guy with the name elizabeth
has anyone else?

you think she’d learn a lesson…

no i dont think i have…unless it’s some phsycotic(however you spell that) jack@$$ who loves girls…shivers

awsome job man, lotta money