2 days

This is a continuation of a previous post.
The King of the Hill wilderness tournament will be held 2 days from now. Again, the details:
2 sides: Good, and Evil ( :twisted: ) Good will wear red capes, Evil wears black. Good, meet at the level 15 Chaos Temple, Evil, at the Boneyard. There is no place to sign up, just show up for the side you want to be on. This is at 8:00 EST on Thursday. I still need someone to lead both sides, preferably a high level, and then three Lieutenants to go inder that person. You do need to sign up to be an officer for your side, just post here. Recap: Whoever has the most commanding officers in the Chaos temple 24 hours later wins. Death will not exclude you, you can return to the wilderness and continue fighting.

Look forward to a big crowd!

seems cool

cool what world?

ya what world is it

Sorry, forgot that bit. World 30.

Invite friends so there will be plenty of fighters on both sides.