2 new potions, take a look

how about a potion that replenishes ur special bar? but maybe u can only use a dose every 2 mins or something, that way then cant just use up ther special then pot, then special, then pot, to easy. and u would need really high herblaw and the second item would be really hard to obtain.

and how about a super prayer pot, the name sounds really corny, but i mean lyk, not only does it replenish more prayer, but it givs an extra 2 prayer points if it reaches full prayer, its adds 2 lyk the monastary.

wat do u guys think?

Spec pot is good, but super prayer pot I don’t think is such a good idea ;P. It’d just be…too easy, how much more would it restore? And how much would the spec restore pot restore?

~ ewok

the spec pot would restore the whole bar, thats why u havta wate 2 mins b4 u can use another dose.

What about the super prayer pot, how much would that restore? And what level herby to make these pots?

~ ewok

i think both of them would be good it would make herblore a beter

Those sound like great ideas… But how much would they be worth on the streets, and would there be new herbs and stuff to make them?

MY GOD what a bad idea people would be able to 3 hit anyone with granite mauls, then refill special and do it again, pk pairs would become obsolete.
Super prayer restore is not that bad, maybe it could have a slower prayer drain for 2 min or so… good for quests.

Prayer pots already heal 18 per dose. do they really need a super prayer?

ohhhhhh they do

special potion is good and might even be a future update…the prayer potion sounds corny just like you said :s

i see where someone could work with this idea… but i really don’t think the super prayer thing is such a good idea.

I was thinking of a spec pot too, would be handy but they might be too good :wink:

i think the special bar is a bad idea. if mauler get their hand on it they could hit you once normally, two times with special, then pot and hit another two times. but super prayer restore would be kool