2 pics 1 funny 1 glitch

heres the funny one

his username…nosepicker24 lol!

heres the glitch

whats the glitch you ask? look at the mini map and look at my saroundings (through the box) and you can see that i am at the wrong place! i got it by looking at the crafting store in alkarid and then i got connectoin lost when i click away
no nvm i lost it a noob traded with me and i accepted =( then it desipeared!

wow is it me or does that glitch seem real fake lol

Lol thats great pics I’, to busy to come though sprry :frown:

and Spanky I dont think its fake why would he want to make a fake and trick everyone aye?

ok then how did i do this???

dang noobs!a noob traded with me and i lost it!!!

dunno doesnt seem to glitchy to me, seems more copy and pasted lol

edit: i would like to see a pic with where the map should be lol

lol that dude’s name is funny, but you so made that glitch.

Could just be lag…

-.- choobs its not fake if you all think its edited i’ll remove it

ya but =[P oh well its not a fake i had to move the map because it would.'t fight (thats not the glitch part just to tell you)

It happened to me once, but with my Bank. So, I believe you.

yes thank you someone believes me!

I believe you :frown:

I bewieve jo00h too !!! lol etheir your computer is like 6’th century or ur really good at editing =p thats not a fake though…atleast i dont think it is

Well its either a fake made by a blind person with no hands and a muskrat for hair. Or you have a computer from the 60’s =P.

lol i like the “glitch”

lol i’ve never had it happen to me? How do i go about getting it