2 Skilled

We are a p2p only clan.Consisting of combat lvl 50 and above players.We have regular meets and have regular dueling trips.Pk trips once every 2 to 3 weeks.But if a member does’nt want go to on a pk trip they dont have to same with meets and dueling trips.Although we dont mind about pk trips as we dont go on much of them.Dueling and clan meet we would prefer them to come.Me and Ipswichboi (Leaders) go to school together so leadership is strong, also Lethal N (Member) goes to the same school and Pur3 Knight0 lives very close to me and Henry 2003 lives near me also.When you join to prove yourself trustworthy you must give a minimum of 1k to clan.We are a nice friendly bunch :).And are a laugh.There are 2 ranks, members and leaders, there will only ever be me and ipswichboi as leaders, no one else can be a leader, just members.We treat our members as equals but only the leaders recruit and control meets, times etc.Although members can go dueling together etc, but leaders are only ones who can organise it etc.If this is your cup of tea please pm me !!.Members list is below (Updated regulary).Site coming soon : www.2skilled.tk


Mouthgate - Level 60
Ipswichboi - Level 72


Doowa100 - Level 67
Greg6660 - Level 62
Gamewiz2004 - Level 64
Henry 2003 - Level 93
Truffles666 - Level 71
Lethal N - Level 60
Cowhide Selr - Level 72
Pur3 Knight0 - Level 77