200 Posts :D

200 posts in 1 mill posts thread… YAY!!!

1 word, WEWT!!!

Uhm… cool?

It’s big my friend, a big landmark. Without the 1 mill posts thread - Boom, 200 of my posts - GONE!

Did you go through every page of the thread, counting your posts?

No, you just click on the total.
This thread is pointless, by the way.
I have more than 800 in that thread.
:spin: Kingofallpie

i got 499 in that thread

Yeah, yeah. This is just spam. Why don’t you just post it in that topic? I’ll see if I can get a moderator who has powers to lock.

So, I have 293.

Beh, I’m allowed to celebrate my achievment!

There is no achievement. I just went past 900, but do you see me starting a pointless spam thread because of it?
:spin: Kingofallpie

When you get 1,000, you bloody should!

When I get to 1k in there, I won’t, because there is no reason to. None at all.
:spin: Kingofallpie

I try to stay away from the 1 million posts thread as it’s just a breeding ground for spam. But congrats for the acheivement I guess.

its not a big deal… i also have almost 200 post there…

who cares about this…I got like 10 lmao

Duke will move it to a spam board where posts don’t count… Then everyone will have like 100 posts…

I didn’t know you could tell how many times you’ve posted in a topic… You learn something new everyday :slight_smile:

Ive been looking for how to tell how many posts you have in each tread, but can’t find.

On the left of the thread, the envelope thingy. Put your mouse on it, and it tells you.

Some achievement…

…You post constantly in there, but I stopped. It gets boring, and tends to be really stupid.