200k for Signature and Avatar!

Well, last year I went to Hawaii during the Summer Break, and this year I’m going to Palm Springs, California. So for the next couple of months I’d like to wear a Beach scened signature and avatar! Animations would be nice!

Anyone can enter!

I will choose a winner, and the winner will receive 200k cash in Runescape!

Text: Logan

  • 999 - :smirk:

I will make you a sig for free.:slight_smile:

No, I’m going to make a payment… Thanks a bunchies anyway!

So you want like a picture of the beach as render?



Here you go. :smiley: I hope that I do good in this, I really want the money. :stuck_out_tongue:

Signature and Avatar…

I might enter… :wink:
If you could provide a beach picture… :wink:

I geuss it would be more as of a background, but with some graphic work mixed into it? Just anything pleasing… The Main Thing I’m looking for is for the text to look “snazzy” (good) :dopey:

And Demon… I was able to pull up a picture for you. :shocked: :shocked: NOONE ELSE MAY USE THIS PICTURE! :shocked: :shocked:


That is also the only picture I will supply, sorry. I’d like to be suprised by these… :wink:

Nice job Ece… :smiley:

you mean something like mine not same as mine but in niceness right

I’m not getting what you mean by “the same as mine”… Sorry

The deadline for this competition will be on Friday, the 21st! Yes, that is this Friday!

Uhh, SirJacob.
You do not have permission to access this document
That’s what I get when I click on the link you give me to picture. Can you try to fix it?

Hmmm, thats odd. I click it, and it works. Forget that one… Just use this one…


Can I use it as well jacob?

EDIT: NVM I donno how to use Photomanip :P.

Okay, gonna start it after school.

I got it now… :wink:

Remove * if I win… :wink:

Do you mind if I C/C that sig Demon?

Ok, dude, get ready, I’m gonna make one!

Go ahead… it’s not my best… heh… :wink:

Meh, I wanna see if you want any editing. I hate final out come, I’m bad with non-renders. I’ll make an avvy if I win with that sig though.

Well… there is a problem with all the current entries and it is bolded in the first post… Ya’ll check the Text: place… Maybe ya’ll see the problem then! :stuck_out_tongue: