2500 Death runes for sale, 1Mil

I have 2500 death runes for sale at 400 each, 1 million in total.


400 each is quite alot

not really, on the official rs fourms people sell for 400gp each, so this is pretty normal price

400 each there worth 200 each i will buy 500 4 100k

can i buy 300 deaths? for 90K?

hes rite they go 4 like 300 ea at max.

you can get hundreds on world 1 for 250-300

Wow, you guys need to learn the prices. World 2 – Death runes sell for 400each at bulk. His price is normal.

He probly already sold em anyways.

no deaths sell for 200gp each the rs forums havn’t been updated for awhile