2k posts

God, my post count must be wrong, I’m pretty sure I was still in the 1970s…I was planning onmaking this my 2000th post but I’m a little late lol…

Anyway, I’ve finally got to 2k posts. Please don’t spam up this thread, Just a congratz and telling me how cool I am would be good.

Wee :party:

Congrats Flops.Holy crap I thought you were in the 4000s yesterday =S

I have way more posts than u lol. Congrats now for 2.5k


tries to resist…I…must…say…that…can’t resist!!!…you…are…cough… cool.

You’ve always been cool :). Congrats. :party: confetti

My god Flop. Your so far behind. Shakes head. Happy Birthday though…or was it 2k posts? Nevermind. Happy Birth2kposts! :party: Lets get this partyposting started

Congratulations on 2k posts!!!

lol, Thanks guys.

Keyser, That is so sigged.

Yeah maria, It’s for 2k posts.

Aww my little floppeh got 2000 posts :slight_smile: Grats mate.

Yay!Floppy,have 25 years old X-mas party!Lol,congratulations.

Congrats, u are cool


I noticed my post count kinda multiplied too…I’d be like 500 posts away one day, and the next day, 250. I think that comes from debating, or participating in an active topic, you don’t really notice how fast your post count rises until you look at it the next day.

Maybe it’s just me and my silly math…but I am pretty sure that 250 is LESS than 500… go figure.

Your math is great! 250 is less than 500.

I said “500 posts away, then the next day, 200 [away].” :smiley:

Well keyser, For some of us getting 250 posts in one day isn’t something we do all the time.

Hey, now, don’t pick on Hobbes. He’s just got some mad positing skills.

Come to think of it, where do all your posts come from, Keyser? I see your debates in Off-Topic, but your post count seems to grow a lot faster than it looks like.

Seeing Flopster all grown up and having 2k posts so proud sniff. :shy:

I think he edits it ;). Lol. JKing. I don’t think Keyser would do that. They Keyser I know would.(the Keyser who steals candy from a little girl). Lol. But my post count goes up atleast 50 or more posts a day (except for yesterday when I actually did my homework for once). GJ on 2k posts. I don’t pay attention to topics like these. I just post congrats in them. :smiley:

From my reliable source he seems to post alot in pHoL :slight_smile:
Lets get back on topic, Flopster doesn’t like spams. They smell bad.

w00t flop! Congratz on 2k posts! You put the flop in flopster0! And I put the ster0 in flopster0!