_-_-_2k postz0rsxxxx_-_-_

2k posts ownz you, mmmmmmmmmmmmkay?

I wanna thank everyone. :o

I’m too lazy to make a list >.<

Anyway, yay for me! :slight_smile:

I hope you do me combining both accounts. For, this is only 200.

Shhhhhhh…It’s a secret. :slight_smile:

Yup. and isn’t this your 2nd topic?

I dunno. I really don’t think so.

hmmm, i thought it was.

Well, you were wrong. :frowning:

there was! the one were kingofallpie posted first.

Link me there, cause I don’t remember. o.O

nvm that was in 1 mill posts thread.

Do you really consider 200 posts a “big step” in posting…?

Or wait, who are you?

He’s Ratox jacob ;).

Ohh, no idea who he is… hmm

I think you left when he joined lol.

Rofl… :stuck_out_tongue:

Jacob, I used to have 1.8k posts here.

1800 + 200 = 2000 :slight_smile:

ayayayayayaay 2k post!!! congrats!

Grats on 2k posts Rat0xnoob

oic. Congratulations.

But you got banned. So now you only have 200 :).

Congratfuluations. I beat you to it (H)