2New PKs From Purecicada!

This was so easy, 14+12 and she was dead, she had no food. Gave the skirt to my friend who begged me for it(Not the 50):cool:

This was pking with my friend’s clan. We had like 5pures so it was ownage. Luckly I got the pk, Seems like i hit the most?(Killed was 65):smiley:

Bty-Top pic was when I was talking to dogboy about dming in full rune:eek:

combat lvl ?
Nice pks u know my pure lets pk sometime

Owned pl0x? Gj dude, keep it up.

teh ownage … the addy t one was awsome too gj :stuck_out_tongue:

Good job, keep up the good work. On the 2nd picture the guy had teles and didnt teleport? Wierd…

Ko’ed ftw?!?!?!

good pks

keep up the good work… maybe the reason he never teled was cause he/she was in fear =p

gratz on the killz

you got skillz that killz

Pretty decent kills not bad.