~ 3 Character Bank Sale ~

From my Pure (Icefire 5):

Shade robe top - SOLD
Gold gloves - SOLD
Black Square Shield - Best Offer

From my Merchant (Archas Jr):

18 Wines of Zamorack - 1k each
Black Hatchet - 3k cash
Rune Scimitar - SOLD
Mithril Square Shield - SOLD
Certificate (Reward from King) - SOLD

From my Main (Asslee2):

20 Power Ammies - 10k each
30 Magic Ammies - 1k each

ill take the gold gloves and the shade top for 8k shall we meet varrock then in five?

Add my pure, Icefire 5. We can talk in-game.

Could you sell me the scimmy for 28k? Thank you.

Nope, no less than 30k cash for scimitar.

i added you are you online now?

List updated.

certificate plz.

il pm in game

I’ll buy mithril sq. Please add bilbo2121.

Great - everyone add the appropriate character in-game.

arc if you ever need help again just lemme know d be glad to help

K I need the scim, and the power (1) for pker, I will add you.