3_hit_u, at castle wars

omfg after seeing 3 hit u’s pk movies i was shocked that he actuly managed to get 40 ttk w00t for u 3 hit u i looked like a loser…:loser: wearing rune legs drudes robes a stuff…:spin: but lol his armor was random check it out lol

3 hit u is awsome, he has rlly trained since his last pk vid w00t
:duh: do’h lol i got his stats his name is… 3___hit___u lol 3 spaces apart…thats clever…:duh:

IM 3_hit_u fan 4eva! :smiley:

go 2 hit u, u own me!

szo for double posting but someone REPLY NOW PLease

Don’t double post. Also, read the rules next time. You can’t make topics about certain players. Locked.