~ 3 kills from Hybrid ~

Kill from a month or two ago, never posted. Level 110+ clan was at rune rocks. This hybrid logged in, it was a good 1 vs 1 fight. She logged on her main to flame me afterwards :slight_smile:

My name is blocked b/c I edited pic to post on another forum.

Level 78 mage, we teamed for the KO.

1.3k runes:

Level 70 protected rune scimitar:

Nice kills.
What’s your Hybrids level?
sickmate 8)

Nice kill, the one-on-one kill was good, and 1.3k runes was awesome.

The last kill is the best because I’m in it :wink: :slight_smile:

Icefire 5 is combat 55 now :slight_smile:

DM me? Add Leet Jr lol.

Lol always looking for a dm aren’t you ixlf00bixl…

Great pks archas!!! I love the 1 vs. 1 ownage

Finally a pker thats not a member

nice amount of kills…and wot lvl was ur pure then

Congratulations, what is your strength level by the way?

Strength currently 5k exp from 71.

nice stats man

Thanks - Just got 71 strength.

Pretty decent kills. Good luck with more.

wow that is a nice kill.

nice kills on the r scimmy