300K Bronze Arrows!

I went mad and bought them… should get me a fair bit of range XP :wink:

The first thing I’ve had ever that said K after it, other than gold.

What a wise thing to spend 6 Mil. on.

Lol is that sarcasm or not? I can’t really tell… I think it’s a good waste of 6 million… it’ll get me at least 94 range, which will own!

Being sarcastic… to think, you could of saved and bought 300,001 bronze arrows!

Dang… what was I thinking?!

hey dude nice, btw ware u goign to be training?

Greater Demons in ogre cave sometimes, sometimes on ogres in the combat training camp.

i would just waste the arrows and not pick them up

Holy ****! did you buy from a store or person? That is so amazing having so much!

if i were you i would look for the world with least players and go to fire giants… they will have better drops there. Make sure to have ring of wealth for more common drops…

ooo and awesome 300k arrows… it’ll be a nice range lvl after all too

6m on that?
Um…Not the best idea,but hope you get tons of XP.


Nice… See above :slight_smile:

Edit: He could die and lose all but one of them!

i would lmfao if he died lol!

Hmmm…couldnt u have gotten that for like… 2.1m? anyways…not bad :eek:

I know, how stupid can u get :smiley:

if u bought them for 7 each then that would be 2.1mill

It’s very kewl to have such a large amount of arrows. I saw some one with 255k steel arrows. Talking about insane.

Greater Demons have better drops than Fire Giants and there’s usually no-one there, sometimes one person.

Yea, stick with Greator Demons.