3d runescape map

this is a 3d map of non members.

lol thats for rsc…

whoa how did you make that?

lol it is non…hbut still cool (an classi)

Kool! Did you make it or did you find it?
If you made it thats really really cool

You didn`t make it… go to
and then to movies, its in the 1st one.

Thats in a rs movie… I swear to god he copied that.

Really now?
Beegee if you did post the link otherwise u can get sued for big $$$

He never said he made it, nor he never said he didn’t make it…

If you did use it from a specific RS movie, that’s all good… But only if you asked for their permission first. If not, that wasn’t the right thing to do… But. Eh. Whatever.

Nonetheless, that map looks like it took a while to make :bouncy:.

I dont really like it…

If you know that you download swiftswitch at zybez.com, you`ll know there is RS movies there also.

Very nice, to bad it’s from rsc so it isn’t really correct. But you made a good effort (getting it of a site). =)

Yeah… It appears in the first Zybes RuneScape Movie… When that guy is looking for Paul Gower to get some knees…

if u made dat then dang ur well good

Its from a zybez movie… RuneScape Wiki | Fandom first one

runescape movie?!?! WHAT WHAT WHAT?

he didnt make it, try google runescape on pictures and you will eventually find it

Stop stealing other people’s pics…

Who made that?

plagerizem, beegee uv been makein sh*t up lately
sever hacked for example