3k posts. i mean, about time don't you think?

well ive acomplished something today…

Yup, weren’t you like the first person ever to 1,000 posts?

yes. as you can see in my location thing-a-bobber. since i quit rs, i havent been posting much anymore

and i think i was one of the best f2p-ers here.

Nice… how long you been here and what were your lvls on RS?

aug 2004 i joined, for my stats just look in highscores.

Wow…3k…That’s truly amazing…

finally… considering u have over 1k threads started…

well we know someone here is a spammer. looks around

well isn’t it true smartass?

That’s gotta hurt–trying to look at yourself without a mirror.

so you are trying to call me a spammer, while u have triple my posts? that’s sad.

RSR vote: Is Keyser520 a spammer?

umm… no? there should be a poll though… biggest rsr spammers… be pretty amusing…

Sheesh, trying to clog another person’s topic with your Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages…

You know I’m playing with you, babe (H)

~ ewok

umm casto ownz, you are new to the forum, and i already hate you. and your name in caps is pissin me off.

castoo isnt new lol.he had another one and had 1k post.got banned
gratz slip knot.the day i do that is far away lol.

i said it again, and i’m gonna say one more time : i love sarcasm:D

1slip knot1 was the first to get 1k posts ever:COOL
btw: congrats with your 3k posts:) oh and what is your RS-name is it 1slip knot1?

yes it is.

Congradulations. :slight_smile:

Keyser you spammer. spams

~:crazy: spartan