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Shades of Mortton
Difficulty level: Easy

Start location: Make your way to the City Mortton, in the southern part of the Mort Myre swamps.

Levels: Level 15 Herblore, 20 Crafting and ability to kill a level 40 monster.

Items: Axe (hatchet), tinderbox, a few tarromin/water mixes useful (use tarromin with vial of water), and around 5.000 gp.

Quests: Priest in Peril.

Hide - Show Walkthrough:

When you’ve found the town Mort’ton in the southern part of the Mort Myre swamps, locate the house with a broken table and a shelf in it (south-west in the town). Here search the table and keep the herbs you find. Also search the shelf, and read the diary of Herbi Flax from there. You should now have started the quest. Mix a tarromin with some ashes (burn a log) to get Serum 207. Use this on the Shop Keeper (Razmire), and he will tell you to go to the temple north of there and slay 5 shades. The temple is to the north-east, go there and kill 5 loar shades, pick up their remains and return to Razmire.

Now talk with Ulsauire Shauncy in the most eastern house to show him the remains as well. Go to Razmire again and buy 2 vials of olive oil and a hammer from the general store, and some building replies from the building store (Razmire runs both). Now go to the temple to the north and start rebuilding/reinforcing the temple. When the flame in the middle starts to burn, and your sanctity is at 10%, use your olive oil on it, and you should have sacred oil. Use this on a log, and you’ll have a pyre log. Now get a loar remain, and find a Funeral Pyre, place the pyre logs on it, then the loan remain, and then use your tinderbox to light it up. A key should appear on the stone stand near the funeral pyre - pick it up and keep it.

Go back to Ulsauire and he will reward you. The key you receive is for the doors to the north-west. Here you’ll find a cave with some different shades. There are also more doors and chests inside - to open these you need to get different keys. This is the same procedure as with the first key. Kill the different shades (the higher level shades need yew/magic logs to burn), and you should get the keys.

Reward: 2k herblore and crafting exp. You can get extra herblore exp if you use the diary on the apothecary in Varrock.

Permenant Serum:
To get permenant serum (Serum 207 §), you’ll need to use your serum 207 on the flame in the temple. You’ll need 20% sanctity. Use this on Ramize and Ulsauire, they will reward you with 200 gp each.

Quest points gained on completion: 3

Written By/Credits: Ks Jeppe

Thanks for corrections: Cameron, FearoX, Jammy316

Thanks for submissions: Exz and Banxer

Last updated: April 18th 2005

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