4 New Owning Signatures.

^ ^ 5 new owning signatures. I know you want them. :smiley:

I personally love the Jessica Simpson signature followed by the Allen Iverson one.

Thanks for viewing. :slight_smile: And I hope you enjoy them. Please give me one that you think would be best to become my newest signature.

Thank you.

All of them are awesome :smiley: Bought or made?

I’d use the second to last. Can I have the last:tongue:?

Awesome sigs :slight_smile: 88.8% :slight_smile:

All of them own. But man, I wanna see some grunge or abstract from you bro! You’re super ownage at modern, but I wanna see some other things. You got a lot of talent, use it!

I tried them once, grudge, failed miserably. :tongue:
Abstract I can, but I stink at brushing, I always mess up, that’s why I avoid brushing in my signature unless it’s fairly easy.
I will try next time, but you will probably think that I am a noob that just started GFX. :smiley: Well, I started 3 months ago. :slight_smile:

Thanks Arc. :smiley:

No Problem. Oh and also, that second sig doesn’t look good. But all the rest I like.

last is probably best, dont like 2nd the smudging looks wierd

yeah. and Phoenix and others, rate my new sig :).


Overall, 4 awesome signatures. The second one is pretty creative, but the other onesjust rock. I especially like the last two. The Jessica Simpson one is my favorite followed by the alessandra one.

Keep up the good work, Phoenix.

Jessica Simpson is owned by Jessica Alba :p.

Pfft, all of the Jessica’s rock.

Rofl. I only like Jessica Alba…

Nice signatures Phoenix :). I’m so lucky that I saw those before all you guys :).

As long as they’re hawt…

Jessica simpson sig pwns :slight_smile:

But why did ya PM me with the link of this thread??

Those are awesome…I personally hate Allen Iverson, but he is good.

Allen Iverson pl0x? That’s the best one. Use either that, or the Jessica one.

Not bad, but i would say do a little more than just those. :slight_smile: like do more variants… like i wanna see an underexposed backround with and overexposed forground… :wink:

I like the sig, not the person (Allen Iverson)