40 Def !!!!

Yay i have just gotten to 40 def on my def pure and i wanna show him to you guys in sum cool armers and just hang out and stuff. add me at : guthix x6 in edgeville world 19 plz guys plz come!

cool defence keep it up

Congratz on 40 def :slight_smile: have fun with the rune

no one wants to come hang out? :frowning:

Well i just got 60 def woohoo… im bored right now, srry.

Oo nice get full zammy for it :stuck_out_tongue:

meh im too poor i might try to get full rune g though

nice, lemme see u with rune on… whats yur attack level tho? it might seem wierd if u r in full rune and wielding a bronze dagger :stuck_out_tongue:

What is your def pures combat lvl?

he is 28 now 15 atk and 15 str 41 def and 5 range any suggestions?

keep range down get att up keep stre there unless u going pking
great job wid 40 def keep it up

the reason im gettin up range is so i can wear studded stuff against mages or maybe drag stuff

i like rs rocks.

huh? what was that about pindini you talkin bout my mage?