40K for this sig..

Nevermind about the sig, comp closed.

I’ll give it a shot


Tell me anything you want changed

Had to change the font because the ^top^ one would’ve gone off the page

hold ill give it a try but it wont be done until tommorow so u gotta wait =)

I’ll lose because I don’t know how to do animatoins…

I like it! But of course, no one ever gets a sig by buying the first one made eh? Lets see how the others do =)

dude, do u mind if i make 1 of my blur 1’s? or i could try something else

I wish that would be the case because I need the cash, I’m also in a :shocked:300K:shocked: banner competition that I feel really good about, but Gunz still hasn’t revealed his…

You could do it but I wont like it =\

Pujols I’m gonna try. No need to give me money if I win. IF I win give the money to the runner up.

would i liek it if it was’not as crappy? besides it would be free

If your sig wins them I’m not giving the money to anyone =\

Go ahead Borito, lets see how you do =)

ok, u want animation on the main text or the quote?

ill try :slight_smile:

You better give it to me. My new account is Zezima (look at the sig). I bought it from him…Jking. :wink:

here are mine!






Whoa. That’s good, but kinda big… =P.

And Mariazipet, you know that you can get IP banned from Rsbandb for that right? It also makes you look like a Zezima wanna-be.

No I can’t. I said it was for viewing purposes and It is. It was a joke.

Also take this:

Eh, just get working on my sig =).

ok ill change the size 1 sec

No. I don’t want to do it now. Ha ha. :talktothe