43 Prayer

i finally got 43 prayer is tht good considering my stats

not sure if thats good, i had 43 prayer at lvl 62 lol. but congrats

Well done. Your prayer is sort of average for your combat level, maybe a little lower than usual.

Prayer is eeeevil, leave it at 43 forever, it makes you really good for your combat level that way :smiley:

my prayers almost 50 and i love it. i think prayer is very important and its a more hardworking skill, getting the bones.

Prayer kicks so much ass. As a lvl 48 pure mage when i pk with my new lvl 43 prayer, fire blast, and lobsters I never have to run away. I just kick ass and get rune armor

Congrats man !!

did u buy ur big bones??? i remember when i bought so many big bones so i can get 43 prayer lol

My level 45 has 43 prayer, and my main, level 82 has 50 prayer. Great job though, it really does take awhile!