~ 44 Combat on Pure ~

I hit 44 combat on my pure today :wink:

I will train strength until it’s 60, then I will become a hybrid…

Wow, Very nice… Good Luck on your achievement to 60 strength!!! :smiley:

sweet work for level 65combat now. get over it and you’ll be better then me.

Congratz on 44 combat and g’luck on 60 strength :slight_smile:

Nice, your going to own in the wild. Congrats on 44 combat and good luck on 60 strength.

I was 45 with 60 str…You must do ranged for HP which raises combat a bit :P.

What are you gonna make your range and mage? Cuz if you stop at 60 str, you’ll have basically the same stats as me, except that I have some extra unnecessary stats :no:.

Ranged wont raise combat unless u get like 55 range. It will raise hp tho.

What’s a Hybrid?
Sorry for th3 n33b13 queation.