45 Agility to 56 Agility.

I have wondered on what I should do to get 56 Agility the quickest way, I need this for the Regicide Quest, which I’m planning to do. Any suggestions on how to train it will be great, Thanks.

Tciket place at Brimhaven till Wildy Course.

Me and r3d3mtion got from about 38 agility to about 56 in about 3 days using brimhaven tickets.

Dont go to Brimhaven. Go to the Skull Ball course. You have to do Creature of Frenkenstrain though. When you are level 48 go to Brimhaven. Stay there 'till 52. Then go to Wilderness Agility course, remember to take a weapon in case someone tries to pk you. That should all take about 1 day. It got me 42-56 in a day…

There is a backfire on brimhaven, which is the darts that reduce your agility. I’m 64 agility and have a hard time with this.

any ideas on getting it from 30 to 56?

Yes, go to skullbull course.

when you get to 48 use the ape toll course it gives ownage exp
but you need to do moneky maddness

I havent tryed the monkey course much so i dont know how much exp it gives. As soon as you can go to wildy then do :wink: