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Samples of my work:

~50cent :bouncy:

Text: Pked In Iraq
Render (cut only):http://img89.imageshack.us/img89/6913/angel34mz.png
Colors: morning shine :slight_smile:

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

wait so you want me to work off that background…its not really a render…

Here ya go! :smiley: ill pm you too!

too increase the popularity of this shop im gonna throw out another sig! :smiley:

Well here it is…

Next person to order gets it! I cut the render myself! :smiley:

nvm i take tha t1 :stuck_out_tongue:

which 1??? the free one???

Any more orders??? I really need something to do…grrr!!! pked in iraq you can order again if you want…

Here you go pked in iraq i hope you like it!!! Make sure to tell all your friends about my shop ok?:smiley:


Your Sig!

Text: DinsFire
Text2(optional): Ultra Admin
Render (cut or uncut): (cut out the kid with the bat only
Colors: same vague reddish color as the color in the backround of the picture i listed earlier.

theres kinda no head to the kid…ehhhh what you want me to do? make him headless???

yes… O.o

it makes him look mysterious…gosh do you have NO culture?

i scaled him but hes kinda pixelish but i guess he will be ok…BTW what kind of Background do you want??? like any specific kind of brush maybe???

nope…as long as it looks good with the render.

ok ill try! :smiley: thanks for ordering i was kinda bored…

Edit: Ok im to the text any special font you want???(www.dafont.com)

anthology is wonderous…i wants it.

sorry but “Anythology is wonderous” was not to be found on dafont.com

Here’s the one i already made see if you like the font…

Sorry that its kinda pixelish but as i said before your render was too small!:frown:

Re-order if you are not pleased…dont worry i dont mind! :smiley:

And this time please get a bigger render…

i was saying that the font “anthology” was a wonderous font… :duh: but i still like the sig…thanks

Ok no prob order anytime…im practicing my sig skillz and hope to be on Respecting the sig makers some day! :smiley:

oi you how do i get the pic? lol no code or anythings for me?

right click on the picture and click properties…it will say address (url)

Here ya go Pk in Iraq!

1st sig:


2nd sig: